Important Announcement

The Lord has recently spoken to me (Timothy) to take a sabbatical in 2020 after being in full time ministry for 12 years and with the addition of our son in late February.  I am torn because I truly love public ministry and I’m not sure what life looks like without it.  Hence, this is probably one of the reasons the Lord has called me to come away with Him in this season and to put a lot more focus on my growing family. I’m looking forward to this season of rest, and also do not know how long this season of rest will last. 

I would like to express that this sabbatical is out of obedience to the voice of the Lord. There is no issue of sin, discontent, division or burn out. Please pray for our church, The Garden, as I am also taking a sabbatical from local ministry for this season. We will remain at our church and Elizabeth will continue to serve in the capacity the Lord speaks to her. We will be sharing more of our hearts on a Facebook Live Next week and we will record this and send a link in an email later next week to those who are subscribed to our newsletter. 

As of now, all 2020 HIMI ministry events have been cancelled. We know the Lord will provide for our family as we have led our lives completely surrendered to him. We currently have income streams coming outside of vocational ministry and some finances saved. At the same time we have heard The Lord tell us to invite our extended kingdom family the opportunity to invest into this season of rest through donations to not only keep the ministry afloat, but to have resources when this season is over to build the next thing God has for us. If you feel led to sow into Heart Ignited in this upcoming year, please click here: If you have any questions, please feel free to email Elizabeth or I. We’d love to stay in touch! 

Thank you for your continued love, support and prayer. 

Timothy (and the Berry Family)