Our Newest Intern – Joseph Chestnut

Our Newest Intern – Joseph Chestnut


Hi, I’m Joseph. I am HIMI’s newest intern and am currently living in Bakersfield, CA. I’m going to take these next few paragraphs to tell you a little bit about my life and the path I believe God is leading me on, including moving to California to serve Timothy and Elizabeth Berry.

I grew up in Eastern Ohio, and lived there until September 2013. I have two older sisters who are both married to amazing men of God. I also have two wonderful parents that raised me in a godly, loving environment. I grew up as a pastor’s son with a dad who taught me biblical principles, and the importance of relationship with Jesus for as long as I can remember. For a good portion of my education I attended a private Christian school where I learned to play music and grew in the things of God. I developed a strong desire to pursue a career in Christian music, and began to lead worship and write some of my own songs. I figured that this was the life God had called me to and my heart was fairly set on it.

I had had several intense encounters with The Holy Spirit, but had never been fully exposed to the supernatural workings of God until late in my teens. After I graduated high school I had some opportunities to meet several Christian music industry reps in Nashville, TN. I then decided that I would continue to pursue what I believed God was calling me to – music & worship. For the next few years I spent a good portion of time communicating with Christian record labels and various producers and managers in the industry.

Throughout this period of time I was beginning to experience God in extraordinary ways. On one occasion, I was riding in my friend’s truck when The Holy Spirit fell on both of us in the most powerful way I’ve ever experienced. I was struck by continual waves of His presence for a period of several hours, as I wept and shook uncontrollably. I had never up to that point, and have not since had as unpredictable of an encounter as that. Not long after this incredible meeting with the power of God, I was introduced to the ministry of Randy Clark – Global Awakening. I attended their annual conference, Voice of the Apostles, where my life was forever changed. I witnessed miracle after miracle and was filled with a hunger for the deep things of God that hasn’t, and undoubtedly will never be satisfied. After that conference I began to attend many more Global Awakening events. I desired to learn and grow as much as possible so I could walk in the fullness of what the Father has for me. It was during a season of going to practically every school and conference that Global Awakening held in Pennsylvania that I met Timothy Berry. This was not only a time of growth, but also a time when God was showing me that my life was about more than writing and playing music. During this season, God opened my eyes to giftings that He’s placed in me that I never knew about or was too afraid to step in to.

I ended up connecting with Timothy more at another conference, and then near where I’m from at a meeting he ministered at. Throughout this series of interaction, I was feeling a desire to learn from the Berry’s and even serve and travel with them if they needed someone. I emailed Timothy on a few occasions and we eventually started to talk about the possibility of me moving to their city and serving their ministry. Little did I know that it would involve moving across the country and taking the biggest step of faith I’ve ever even contemplated taking. After praying about it for months, God revealed in a pretty awesome way that this was what I needed to do.

I’m excited for the season I’m in, and am looking forward to what God has planned for the future of Hearts Ignited, and in my life personally. If I’ve learned one thing from my time with HIMI so far, it’s that sometimes we need to step out in faith, even when it seems crazy to everyone around us. Sometimes He wants us to move, and that’s when He invades our situation in ways we never imagined possible. He loves when His people believe His word.

Many Blessings,


Check out some of Joseph’s music on iTunes and You Tube.