Theology of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Being raised in a conservative evangelical church, Timothy has had to study extensively on the subject of the Holy Spirit since experiencing him for the first time when he was 19. Timothy has a passion to see all believers experience the intimate touch of the Holy Spirit. In this teaching, Timothy shares some of his research and explains how believers need to widen their perspective on the baptism of the Holy Spirit through a proper Biblical understanding. Whether you are a part of denominational church, Catholic, Pentecostal or charismatic, this teaching will healthily challenge the way you have been taught on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Timothy’s desire is that all believers will understand this topic and to change the church’s language to a proper Biblical language of being filled with the Holy Spirit. Through different biblical passages in Luke and Paul’s writings, Timothy shows that God did not intend for the Holy Spirit to be experienced only once, but the Holy Spirit wants to encounter his sons and daughters daily filling them with his empowering presence.