The Church of Jesus Christ needs teaching from ministers who are actually living what they are preaching.  With Timothy and Elizabeth, you will get exactly that.  They have learned how to love and minister in power evangelism as a lifestyle and what they teach flows from this.  Your congregation will “catch the difference” because the Word of God has become flesh in their lives. -Tom Ruotolo, President & Founder of Power and Love Ministries, Inc. Redding, C.A.

Timothy and Elizabeth Berry carry such a refreshing, revelatory, anointing on their lives and ministry.  Everytime I get the priveledge of ministering with them I leave inspired and encouraged!   -Steve Swanson. Friends of the Bridegroom Worship Ministries

Thank God for servants like Timothy and Elizabeth Berry. Their compassionate ministry under the anointing of the Holy Spirit will bring a real touch of God to many in your church.  Through the years we have been blessed to minister alongside of Timothy and Elizabeth and have seen many who had not experienced power ministry and were somewhat skeptical of the manifestations of the Spirit open up to receive through Timothy and Elizabeth straightforward and gentle manner. The real test of the impact of a ministry is two-fold: lasting change and a desire for more. Those who we witnessed receiving ministry from Timothy and Elizabeth demonstrated a change in their lives and a new openness to the Holy Spirit. As for a desire for more, I have heard many ask,  “When can Timothy and Elizabeth come back to minister again?” I sincerely and without reservation endorse their ministry and recommend them to start a fire in your church.   – Rex & Lois Burgher. Kingdom Life Ministry. Author of ‘Our Father’s Heartbeat’ and ‘Journey to Your Kingdom Destiny’

I think about Tim and Elizabeth Berry, the word vitality comes to mind. Their ministry is like taking great vitamins’. Every time they minister at my church they leave a health and vitality in the atmosphere, my congregation loves it when they visit. As a kingdom minded pastor I highly recommend the Berry’s, Heart’s ignited ministry International. To coin a popular phrase they do “a body good”. May God continue use them as they release the gospel of Jesus Christ, accompanied with signs and wonders through the Fathers love. -Doug Johnson, Senior Pastor,  Harvest church of Hampstead MD. ANGA/ Global legacy affiliate

Timothy and Elizabeth carry a fresh anointing of the Spirit and were a blessing in our church when they came and ministered. I would recommend them without reservation.                                          –Joe McIntyre, Founder and Senior Minister Word of His Grace Church and the Healing Centre. Empowering Grace Ministries. President, Kenyon’s Gospel Publishing Society 

I heartily endorse the ministry of Timothy and Elizabeth Berry. They are truly gifted followers of Jesus. We had them at our church Living Waters Fellowship in Newton, NJ last summer and we were strengthened and encouraged by their ministry to us. They operate in the gifts of healing, prophecy, encouragement, and teaching to name a few. They understand how the Kingdom of God functions and excel in communicating their knowledge to the church. They are enthusiastic and on fire for Jesus. I’d be happy to visit with you and encourage you to invite them to your church.           –Tom Litteer, Pastor of  of Living Waters Fellowship in Newton, New Jersey

Sue and I have known Timothy and Elizabeth for many years. Their passion for the kingdom and the anointing they carry are quite extraordinary! Timothy and Elizabeth have ministered for us many times and have always been a favorite to our group. They both have the amazing ability to impart supernatural gifts and experiences with just a simple word. Timothy walks in a deep intimacy with the Lord out of which everything else flows!-Jerry and Sue Horst, Founders & Directors of Invasion Group of Lititz, P.A.