What God Is Up To


“I’ve grown up hearing about miracles my entire life, but I’ve never seen one happen in person and now I just don’t know if God can even use me.”

This question was asked by a young women named Sarah during a Saturday night Q&A session at International Family Church in South Carolina. The weekend was focused on the gift of healing and the congregation was asking Timothy questions when Sarah stood up and asked this. Sarah was then a little confused at Timothy’s response when he in turn asked her, “Well. Would you like to see one today?”

Sarah timidly responded yes so Timothy invited her up to the stage with him and then announced, “So who here has pain in the lower back side of their heel because I’m feeling pain there right now and it’s not from me.”

Someone in the crowd raised their hand, a middle-aged women named Bonita, and said that she had pain in both of her heels at that exact spot.

Timothy brought Bonita up to the stage with him and Sarah, brought a chair for her to sit down in, and began to interview her about the pain she had. Timothy, Sarah, and the International Family Church congregation all listened as Bonita explained how 15 years ago her ex husband attempted to poison her and the poison had eroded some nerves and bone in her body and it has caused her to have extreme pain in the back of her heels whenever she walked; she expressed she had already forgiven him, but she was ready to get healed.

Sarah laid her hand on one of Bonita’s feet. Timothy’s Social Media Director Brianna laid her hand on the other, and Timothy prayed a short simple prayer of healing.

Timothy then asked Bonita if she could test out the pain. Bonita took off her shoes, Timothy helped her up out of her chair, and together they walked across the front of the stage. Timothy asked Bonita if she felt any pain and Bonita expressed that she couldn’t feel any pain as she walked and that really wasn’t normal. Bonita then stomped one of her feet hard on the ground and said again that she hadn’t felt any pain. Then, to our surprise, Bonita began to jump up and down stomping her feet on the ground and then said, astonished, that all the pain had left her body and that her heels have been 100% restored!

Many in the church had tears come to their eyes as they witnessed, along with Sarah, a manifestation of God’s love happen before their very eyes.


Timothy and his intern, Caleb, was holding a prophetic meeting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. During this time of ministry a young man was prophesied over that God wanted to stir up the gift of healing in him; at the same time this was prophesied, a Word of Knowledge was called out for a specific type of lower back pain. The Word of Knowledge was correct and Timothy wanted to show this young man how easy healing is with faith so he invited both people up to the front.

God had given Timothy an expansion of the Word of Knowledge and revealed to him that the back pain was due to one leg being shorter than the other. Timothy sat the man with the back pain down and measured his legs in front of everyone, and everyone in the room saw how one leg was drastically shorter than the other.

Timothy brought the young man beside him (who had never prayed for healing in his life) and had him say a simple “repeat after me” prayer. As the young man nervously said “Amen” everyone present in the meeting watched as the leg that he was holding began to grow out until it was completely even with the other leg! The next day the man who had received the healing contacted Timothy and shared that he had just had the best sleep that he’s had in five years due to there being no pain!


Timothy had a great time ministering at Global River Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. He was scheduled to preach for two services. The first night was a healing service, and the following morning he preached a powerful message that led to a fruitful time of impartation. Holy Spirit healed many people and stirred up a great number of believers in spiritual their gifts. One woman was healed of back pain she had suffered for over 5 years. Thank you Lord!


On January 10-12 we were in Virginia where we ministered at two churches. While there, we had several powerful times of impartation and healing. In one service Timothy and Joseph gave words of knowledge for healing and watched as Jesus came and healed many people physically and emotionally.  One young man came up for healing of psoriasis and when we began praying he started to feel water rushing all over his skin and was taken into visions. Many people experienced the Father’s love in a new and refreshing way as they were brought to tears in His presence.

Elizabeth and Timothy had a great time working with 2 new churches in Ardmore, OK and Dallas, TX in January. They ministered prophetically in Oklahoma and had powerful times in the presence of the Lord and in impartation. We cannot wait to see the fruit come out of this church over the next several months. In Dallas, TX, Timothy connected with one of his classmates from Regent University. Together Elizabeth and Timothy were able to minister healing through Words of Knowledge seeing several people healed sovereignly, they ministered several prophetic words, and saw many drawn to tears as the presence of God touched them through impartation. We know this will be a wonderful connection over time with this church and we look forward to great fruit from this church as well. 


At a meeting that we had in Pennsylvania, Timothy and his intern Joseph released several words of knowledge over the congregation and saw an amazing response and many miracles take place. One man responded to a word of knowledge who was completely deaf in his left ear as a result of a stroke. After prayer, he was completely amazed as he was hearing up to 50-60% out of that ear. We saw other conditions instantly healed that day as well, including a young girl who had serious pain in her right shoulder and right side of her neck. She came up to receive prayer and was instantly healed.

At another meeting in Ohio there was a woman who came up for prayer that was almost completely deaf in her left ear as well. She stated that when someone would talk to her, she would have to turn and listen with her right ear. She began to cry as we prayed healing over her body, and after about 4 or 5 times praying, she said in tears that she could hear at least 90%, and possibly 100%.

Praise God!


A testimony from a woman named Allison who was at a meeting in Virginia:

For years I struggled with reading… I had decided that motherhood and being tired caused a lack of focus and an inability to retain what I was reading. As I read, the words would jump around the page… This was especially upsetting for me when I would read the Bible. I could understand the scriptures, but only after reading and rereading the passages. Over time, I became very self-conscious and felt like I wasn’t smart. I never fully shared this with anyone.

A few weeks ago, our good friend Timothy Berry came to Richmond, VA. Over the years, I’ve been on the receiving end of Timothy’s impartation of fire a few times, and each time the Lord has touched me powerfully typically leaving me with a burning hot tongue! When it came time for impartation this time, I knew something was different. As we lined up in rows for Timothy to pray, the Lord told me, “The desires of your heart are good.” I could hear Timothy praying over each person before me in line saying things like, “Fire” and “More revelation.” As he got closer to me, the anointing was strong and my knees were buckling already, but the Lord said, “You will not go down until you hear what he has to say.” I assumed the one or two words Timothy was about to say to me would be significant. I never anticipated what the Lord was about to do! When it was my turn, Timothy put 2 fingers on my forehead, but he didn’t say anything. He stood quietly for a few seconds, and I knew he was listening to the Lord. My knees began to give way, but God said, “No, not yet,” and stood me upright. Then Timothy began to pray that God would give me the ability to read and retain the Word the way that he does! He prayed that I would be able to preach/teach the way he does because it’s my heart’s desire. Then he put his hands on my head and prayed healing over my brain from choices I made in my past, and from head trauma. I couldn’t believe the accuracy of Timothy speaking exactly what I’d been asking God for, the very things I had not shared with anyone but God! The top of my head was tingling with brilliant light exploding all inside it. I went down under the weight of God’s presence and I wept with so much gratitude for how much God loves me.

The next day I got up early for my quiet time. The very first thing I noticed when I opened my Bible was THE WORDS DON’T JUMP AROUND ON THE PAGE ANYMORE! I opened to Scripture and burst into tears! The words were so clear, and they stayed in their places on the page! I didn’t have to blink a lot or chase them with my eyes. I now am able to pick up a book or the Bible and just read without getting distracted! I’m crying right now writing this! There’s more! I am much more able to multi-task! I can focus solidly and knock tasks out with confidence. I’m not constantly questioning whether I did something right or not!This was a life-changing thing the Lord did for me! 


We had an amazing time at the Voice of the Apostles conference this year, and have a few videos below, with testimonies of some incredible miracles that took place there! Check ’em out!





Here is also a testimony from a man named Lewis that received healing through a word of knowledge that was given:

Two weeks ago, I was at the Global Awakening Conference in Orlando when Timothy Berry gave a word of knowledge. He said that someone was being healed of an injury to his left arm above the wrist. As he spoke, he put his right hand over the exact spot where I had suffered a nasty injury many years ago. In 2000, we were renovating our garage apartment and I was using a long handled scraper with a 4” razor at the end to remove tiles and glue from the bathroom floor. Suddenly it slipped and sliced right through my left arm above the wrist cutting deep into my arm and severing several nerves. A doctor sewed it up but told me that nerves do not mend and it was pointless to operate to reconnect them. The remaining scar is about two inches long and you can still count the 12 stitches. So, ever since then , I have had a spot on my left arm with raw nerves exposed. The slightest touch hurt. If I rolled over onto it while sleeping, it woke me up. If I bumped it, the pain was excruciating. Hitting it was something from a horror movie. As soon as Timothy spoke that word of knowledge, I gently touched the spot. No pain. I touched it a little harder. No pain. I poked it. No pain. I slapped it. No pain. I slapped it hard. No pain. I was healed. Glory to God!