A Few Testimonies from Africa

A Few Testimonies from Africa

As promised, below are some of the testimonies from our trip to Africa! It was incredible to see the love of God transform individuals lives, and the churches we ministered in. We give glory to Jesus for every one of these testimonies that occurred in South Africa. 

We have so many more testimonies we’d love to share. As I’m writing this I just keep saying to myself “ Oh yeah! And there’s the one who was healed of this condition, and that condition and this heart-break, etc…” If I were to publish them all in the email then you’d probably need a few days to read it. God is Good! We praise Him for all that He has done in and through our lives on our trip to Africa. We pray these testimonies cause you to worship and praise Him as well. 

– In Pietermaritzburg, we had a time of healing and impartation with the young people of Breakthrough Church. We saw Jesus heal over a dozen young people and 7 received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord for the very first time! When impartation was occurring, Timothy prayed for a young man and woman. Both of them fell to the ground, but the young woman had this look of extreme pain. As he came to her he asked what was wrong. She responded and said her knee had just dislocated! Timothy saw the knee cap on the side of her leg (obviously not a good situation). He put his hand on her knee just to pray and as he said “In the name of Jesus” the knee popped back into place! Hallelujah! It startled both Timothy and the young woman. They continued to pray for all the pain to leave and within several minutes she was dancing and worshipping pain free!

– At that same meeting Elizabeth had the opportunity to pray for a young man who had been inflicted with a condition that caused his hands to constantly sweat. He said he had the condition for over a year and that it was very embarrassing. Many kids at his school teased him because of it. She prayed, but he didn’t see much change. However, a week a go we got an email from him letting us know that the day after we prayed for him, his condition left and his hands have stopped sweating completely!

– In Richard’s Bay, there was a boy named Tevin who is 11 years old with cerebral palsy. He had an artificial hip which caused a sever limp and in that same leg he has a smaller foot and leg in comparison to his other leg. Both Timothy and Elizabeth independently had a supernatural compassion for him. After praying with him individually for over an hour with seeing a little bit of the pain go, Timothy felt the Lord ask him to invite one of Tevin’s friends command his leg to grow out. As Timothy led the young boy in that prayer, Tevin’s leg grew out to the same length of the other and his foot also grew out. Tevin began to walk on stage in front of the church and his limp was almost completely gone! Then he began to run all over the church with a huge smile as he was pain free! His family and friends were rejoicing and weeping as they saw Jesus touch this young boy! This night we saw dozens of people get healed and 35 people received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord! Hallelujah!

– At the same church in Richard’s Bay, we were with a team from Pietermaritzburg where we had been teaching at their supernatural school and it was amazing to see these students step out in ministry. Many of them saw healings and miracles. One of the team members, Crystal, prayed for a young girl who had pointed to her ear. Crystal did not know the condition but just prayed. After prayer the girl said it was all better. When Crystal asked what the problem was, the young girl said she was completely deaf in that ear and now she could hear! When the young girl was asked to come forward to share to the church all she could do was weep. It was precious to see how Jesus touched her life through his love and healing power.