Well, here we are. We are in our final 3 weeks before we head off to Africa to minister to the poor, wounded, lost and hurting. We leave September 13th, just a mear 19 days away. Right now, Timothy and I are packing up and heading out for our final ministry trip in the states. When we return we will have just 2 weeks to pack up our home, sell most of our “stuff” (furniture, clothes, etc..) and pack for Africa.

Here is a general idea of what out travel schedule will be while we are overseas:

Sept. 13th-14: Depart from Baltimore, MD. Arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa

Sept 16-19 Petermeritzburg, South Africa

Sept. 20-23 Johannesburg, South Africa

Sept. 23 –  Timothy flies to Seoul, South Korea. Elizabeth travels to Maputo, Mozambique.

Sept. 24- 30 Timothy is in S. Korea.

Sept. 24- 28 Elizabeth is staying with friends in Maputo, Mozambique.

Sept. 28- October 11 Elizabeth at Iris ministry’s base, a children’s center called Zimpeto in Maputo.

October 3 – Tim arrives at Zimpeto children’s base in Maputo, Mozambique. Stays until Oct. 11.

Oct. 12- November 30 – Tim & Elizabeth are in Pemba Mozambique

December 1- Leave Pemba. Fly to Johannesburg.

Dec. 2 – Dec 5 – Petermertizburg, South Africa

Dec. 6- 11 – Durban, South Africa

Dec. 12-13 – Fly home to U.S.

We hope to have a more detailed schedule up before we leave so keep checking in!

We love you all! Thanks to EVERYONE who had made this trip possible.

Together we can change the world!