Just a little testimony update…

Just a little testimony update…

Hi friends!
We have some exciting new testimonies to share with you!

As youth leaders, Timothy and Elizabeth Berry meet Tuesday nights with the youth group, called Reality Encounter Crew (REC) for fellowship, worship, prayer, and a Word from God. We have seen several bodily healings and many people get touched through prophecy. For every new person who comes to REC, the Berrys make sure that the youth get a chance to prophesy over the new person; each person leaves with at least three words from God. REC has led 2 services at East Gate Church over the last 2 months and the entire congregation was touched! At the end of one meeting, the youth formed a fire tunnel for the members of the church to pass through. It was amazing to see the youth step up into their identities in Christ and help propel His Kingdom forward! Both times the youth gave words of knowledge, prayed for physical healing and publicly prophesied over individuals. Many were touched by the Lord’s presence and experienced His love. This has been a joy to the Berry’s to see God equipping the youth and young adults in a very short period of time.

Our REC meetings have been transforming lives. One girl, we’ll call her Jane, started coming to our group in January. Jane was raised in a baptist home and had little understanding of the Holy Spirit and didn’t believe God healed or moved supernaturally. Well, the first night she came, God healed her knees of 2 years of arthritic pain and gold dust showed up on her hands. Before she left we prophsied over her and she’s been coming every night since. Jane works on a family run farm that she says is a “tough” enviroment, many of the workers are depressed and angry. When she told them about what God had done they all thought she was crazy. Many of her friends thought we were off our rockers and they encouraged her to stop coming to our group. But she didn’t. Instead she kept coming. God kept transforming her and eventually her friends and family noticed how different she had become. They noticed she was happy and peaceful and started to want what she had. Eventually two of her friends and her sister (who had thought we were all a bunch of crazy weirdos) came to REC. They were all touched by God that night. One of the girls said she didn’t believe in God healed today (actually she wasn’t even sure if she believed in God at all) but later that night she prayed for someone and they were healed! When I talked with her the next day she said, “I am forever changed. I have so much peace. I know God is real now and I know I can trust Him.” Another said the prophetic words she recieved had to have been from God because no one would know those things about her except for Him. She said she’d never felt His love like that before. Jane says that the whole atmosphere of the farm is changing, people are happier and even playing worship music in the barn now 🙂

At a recent conference, Timothy was able to share a few words of knowledge where several people were healed. A woman from Trinidad came running to find him to receive prayer and she walked away healed by Jesus! Another woman from Virginia had complications that hindered her from sleeping through the night. It has been 3 weeks now that she has slept through the night! The Berry’s had the privilege of praying for 3 couples who are Christians in their workplace. The Lord gave them accurate details about their lives and prophetic words that left the couples weeping in the presence of the Lord.

The Berry’s have seen an incredible increase in the prophetic in this past season!
Thank you Jesus!