Summer/Fall 2012 schedule

Summer/Fall 2012 schedule

Here are our scheduled events for the upcoming months in 2012. We still have available dates for ministry in September, October, November and December.

– May 26th – June 2nd.  Redding, CA

– June 21st-22nd. Empowering the Extreme Youth Conference 2012. Millersburg, PA. 

– June 28th-31st. Jesus Culture New York.

– July 1st. The Gathering. Bronx, N.Y.

– July 13th-15th. Living Waters Fellowship. Newton, N.J.

– August 1st- 8th. California (More info to come.)

– August 8th-13th. Arizona (Various meetings. More info to come)

– September 20th-22nd. Harrisonburg, VA (More info to come)

-October 2nd-16th. Racife and Sao Paulo Brazil. (Elizabeth only)

-October 17th – 21st. Lancaster, P.A. Voice of the Apostles Conference

– November 2nd-3rd. Lancaster, PA  (closed meetings)