Wheeling, West Virginia –We had a great time ministering at Greater Things Ministries with Melissa and Rusty Elliot. 75 people showed up with only 50 seats! There was great hunger and thirst. Timothy along with one of the youth from our church ministered prophetically over every person! Many lives were impacted experiencing the Father’s perspective of them – people were blown away. We are expectant to hear of more fruit from our time there.

Pittsburgh, PA – We had a wonderful fellowship with the pastors Chris and Pam Mays at New Life Fellowship. We saw several healings including one man with a pulled back muscle completely healed – 100%! Many were refreshed in the Spirit through praying for impartation. On Sunday morning one person gave their life to Christ and 5 people rededicated their lives after Timothy taught on forgiveness from the heart.

Regent University –We (Elizabeth included) were privileged to have the opportunity to prophesy over all of Timothy’s MDiv classmates by invitation of his professor. The students are an eclectic mix from all different backgrounds–some of them had never received a prophetic word spoken and prayed over them before. Many people were touched by the Lord’s presence, there were many tears, smiles, shock and laughter. It was an honor to minister to these 20+ leaders and see God confirm many things in their hearts.

Newport News, VA – We really enjoyed our time ministering alongside Randy Clark, Tom Jones and Leif Hetland. This was a homecoming event for Timothy as this was the first time ministering with his spiritual father since the end if his internship in 2009. This week marked 7 years to the date when Timothy first met Randy in 2006. Many people experienced amazing encounters with the Holy Spirit as Timothy taught on Open Heavens, Access to the Throne and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire. Elizabeth had the privilege to be launched by singing alongside Steve Swanson. It was an awesome time of fellowship and worship amongst some of our heroes in the faith.

Several major healings and miracles occurred in Virginia. There were several words of knowledge called out. One night there were 15 sovereign healings after WOKs were given and then 13 more people were healed after general prayer. We ministered for hours one-on-one to countless others who were either healed or experienced measures of healing. A girl who Elizabeth prayed for had fallen 13 stories months prior & was still in recovery. Her back was constantly in pain at a level 9 out of 10. After some prayer and inner healing she walked away almost completely pain free – her pain level was down to a 2! Yay God!

Here are a few others : A young athlete had his torn ACL healed–he had no pain at all. There was a woman who had been 100% deaf in her left ear and her hearing was COMPLETELY restored. On top of that a tumor disappeared, many people with metal surgically placed in their bodies were experiencing new movements and pain disappearing, and there were several emotional healings and deliverance’s. It was an incredible week to be a part of, to minister to others and see Jesus heal so many people.

Glory to God in the Highest! Thank you to those of you who have been praying for us and our ministry!
We love you all (if you pray for us or not!)

-Timothy & Elizabeth