What have the Berrys been up to?

What have the Berrys been up to?

Our new apartment building in Mount Joy, PA

At the beginning of October we were in Bakersfield, CA visiting Elizabeth’s family & friends and to attend the memorial service of her grandmother. We had a wonderful time. It was a really good trip despite the circumstances. God is a good and healing God!

The day after we returned from California, October 5th, we moved into our new apartment in Mount Joy, PA! We spent the next 3 days unpacking boxes, going through stuff and making our apartment into a home. It was nice to have some downtime and some time to focus just on us.

Next it was off to Wheeling, West Virginia. We had an amazing time ministering at Ohio Valley Christian Center. Timothy spoke at 2 morning services and then conducted an impartation service Sunday evening. God moved powerfully and a lot physical and inner healing occurred. Many people saw and experienced God in the supernatural for the first time and they were hooked. We were also given the opportunity to pray and prophesy over the mayor of Wheeling and his wife.

Here is one testimony of the many from that Sunday:

“This date 10/10/10 was my burning bush experience…I cannot go back to normal…my mind is changed forever. I have something to say about this experience…some have said in times past “not God” and all that…but I know that what I experienced yesterday was as real as the words on this page and today I am still in love with Jesus and I am still thankful for the Blood of my Lord, and for the first time in maybe forever…I feel absolutely a part of God’s family. Something happened to me yesterday that was some completely GOD that I really realize that I am “in the family” and it is awesome.”

-Shelia, Wheeling, WV.

Yay  God!

So, what’s next for the Berrys?

Well, we are gearing up for a very busy fall. It all starts with Voice of the Apostles conference in Baltimore, MD October 27th-30th. We will be attending the network advance prior to the conference since Timothy is ordained through ANGA. We are also blessed with the task of doing airport runs for the conference speakers. We will be chauffeuring Kim Walker-Smith and her hubby/band, Bill Johnson and Heidi and Rolland Baker and some others. We are very excited to have the opportunity to get to chat with Heidi and Rolland as we plan to be serving them in Mozambique next year. This is a huge blessing for us.

Us in New York

Timothy and Elizabeth at Central Park in NYC

November 8th-11th we will be working at the Sieze the Day conference in Atlanta, GA. Yes, that’s right, working. We have been asked to come on board as employees with a motivational business conference series. They are conferences that are held once a month in different cities all of the U.S. These conferences host speakers such as Laura Bush, Terry Bradshaw, Sarah Palin and Bill O’Rielly  among many others. It is the hope of our employer, as well as our hope,  that we will get the chance to pray and speak into the lives of these speakers who are some of our nations most influential people. Check it out at http://www.seizetheday.com. It is our plan that our income from these conferences will pay off our debt before heading off to Mozambique. Therefore every penny we earn from this job will go toward eliminating our debt.

November 18-20th we have been invited by the Revival Alliance of Baltimore to speak at a conference in Baltimore that is focused on urban missions and street outreach. We are really excited to be a part of this weekend and have been a part of the planning and strategy behind it.

Following the conference Timothy will be preaching Saturday night and Sunday morning at Harvest Church in Hampstead, MD with Pastor Doug “Papa” Johnson. It’s an honor to be asked to share there.

For Thanksgiving we will be traveling deep into the south. We will be spending Turkey Day in Alabama with Timothy’s family. We are also hoping to be able to pop on up to the Nashville area during that time to see some friends as well.

December 3rd-5th we will be ministering in Pittsburgh, PA and then on December 11th we will be ministering in Mechanicsburg, PA.

Well, that’s about all for now. As, if that were not enough! Please, if you have a testimony (or even better, testimonies) from any of these events please email us so we can hear about how God has been impacting your life. Also feel free to contact us with any questions or thoughts you may have!


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